Cosmic Activations & Past Life Psychology: Like "Lego's"?

For those attending current Cosmic Activations Sessions:
Article related to 5/8/15: Awakening Higher Cosmic Intelligence + Past Life Psychology for Problem-Solving, Coaching, and Brain-Mind Exercise 

Like Lego's -- or A Zip File?

In this new practice, the creative flexibility of Activation Steps are like "Lego's"?

Their use opens the possibility of creating your own cosmic consciousness "Activations" using steps which you create, now, to make little building block "formulas" for vibratory expansion, and that vibratory variation impacts reality in new ways.

These informal, experimental sessions are a great time to learn something brand new which may turn out to be extraordinary, and play with the building blocks. 

We will now focus on how to create a higher intelligence strategy using these "Lego's" of cosmic energy -- for any problem you wish to solve, any project you wish to launch -- any impossible thing your wish to achieve.

If you are already creative and intuitive, this is a set of new tools -- to go farther. To move creativity & intuition into very specific Actualization (Mazlow -- or Johnson's Balance Beam.)

This process is a kind of step-by-step Actualization practice.

How the Formula Might Work

You may set out to actualize or materialize a new strongly desired outcome or creation -- "with Light and Love," included in each formula component, such as Activate Cosmic Healing. And with "Universal" connections -- also within each formula component, such as Universal Healing. 

For example, the formula for Activating Root Origin Cosmic Energy Center/Chakra includes in the last step: Universal Root Origin. This mantra is repeated and its purpose is to actualize a kind of "connecting" with the Root Chakra of every other cosmic Being.   
Thus are you activating a universal "network" of cosmic energy centers or cosmic chakras throughout time and space. And setting out to "connect" with all other Root Origin Chakras in the universe -- a different kind of "star trek." And as we do not know/see the extent of this network of chakras or "cosmic energy centers" -- it may include Form/Being which is far beyond our present comprehension -- until we try to communicate or connect in this state. Doing this together in a group increases the interconnections and gestalt vibrations.
In effect: AWAKENING YOUR UNIVERSAL CHAKRAS WITH ALL OTHERS.  This "networked" cosmic energy centers/chakras  activation is a new approach to using a universal power inherent in each chakra. 

Might this be the beginning of a practice of activating our own gestalt cosmic intelligence? Might this be key to understanding how we might relate to memories or morphic connections with "past lives" in a completely different way -- As gestalt intelligence networks??

All accessible in simple ways through the "Lego's" or building blocks of these simple Cosmic Activations, using step-by-step formulas which increase our awareness of this level of consciousness.

Direct Experience of Quantum "Entanglement"?

There is almost nothing which is beyond this application -- any desired communicaiton, solution, understanding could become the subject of a series of Activation formulas. And with each, our own vibrations in the sense of gestalt intelligence as well as individual intelligence would be transformed within the step to make the "connection" -- like being "plugged in" to much larger or more expansive electrical connections.

Might this be a "direct experience" of a quantum "entanglement" practice? With simple Lego-like steps?

A "Creation" Practice with an Energetic Structure?

This is, then, perhaps a "creative empowerment" practice -- a "creation" practice?

An easy analogy - learning to "activate" your own cosmic creations with a kind of building block or formula practice. Choosing from those provided: AND CREATING YOUR OWN NEW ACTIVATION FORMULAS SPECIFIC TO EACH PROBLEM.

There is where the practice goes beyond a deep cosmic mantra for spiritual development -- and into a "creation" practice of actualization, activation, awakening -- at the higher cosmic vibratory levels -- sparked with the 3 elements of each "block": The activation of A), filling it with Light and Love, and then connecting to its Universal Essence.

It is very accessible to contemplate creating with formulas, steps -- a prescription for "creativity" that is at a higher cosmic level, a self-actualization level. These formulas, steps, like "Lego's" provide an Energetic Structure to the activation process -- which could be understood easily as "materialization" as well.

This is a completely different way to look at "creativity." And when we "Activate Cosmic Creativity" -- it well may be that we are, in effect, activating gestalt creativity within gestalt consciousness. Perhaps making very practical and conscious the "collective unconscious" envisioned by Carl Jung? At new levels of "creativity"?

Is this the ultimate "Creativity" practice?

Activating Cosmic Higher Skills

As the practice includes Activating Cosmic Intuition - Cosmic Telepathy, Cosmic Teleportation, Cosmic BiLocation, Cosmic Healing, Cosmic Creativity, even Cosmic Music and Cosmic Art --  might this be a kind of activation of "cosmic higher skills" which we have yet to really examine?

Are there abilities to perceive intuitively/non-locally "ahead of the curve," to create music and art, to communicate telepathically and teleport through time and space differently -- at a quantum level which we do not understand -- at a paradigmatic level which we do not understand -- but which is not necessarily beyond our current abilities?

A Cosmic Right Brain Aerobics?

Are these Cosmic Activations -- a kind of Cosmic Right Brain Aerobics? We do use adaptations of Right Brain Aerobics in this process -- at new meta-physical levels. We translate "Right Brain Start Up" into "Cosmic Intelligence Start Up" or "Cosmic Self Start Up."  We use RBA's Doors of Consciousness as part of the "Lego's" building blocks to reach deep "alpha" mind/brain state... 

A "Creative" Cosmic Healing Protocol?

We have just begun to use this practice and the "Lego-like" formulas for healing, bringing in the concept of healing circles using "Activate Cosmic Healing" activations together. But as this process is also creative, might this become a "creative" cosmic healing practice? "Creativity" and "Healing" are not usually joined; but in Right Brain Aerobics, deep meditative states are already linked with creativity. Why not link deep healing states with creativity -- gestalt creativity? Is this not part of a kind of "creative healing practice" which, using the steps, begins to include past life creative psychology as well... And as this is done together:

Creative Gestalt Past Life Psychology.

This is not a concept widely studied -- except perhaps in the Seth material authored by Jane Roberts, in "The Nature of Personal Reality." The idea of human consciousness as a multiple incarnation gestalt consciousness is described very well.

The place in it where I see that Creative Gestalt Past Life Psychology might be relevant is in the Seth descriptions of "Mass Dramas." Interesting that they are not referred to as "Mass Comedies" by Seth but as "Mass Dramas." Perhaps we would go far to begin to review our eonic "Mass Comedies"as well.

Step 1: Right Brain Aerobics. Step 2. Gestalt Cosmic Psychology

When I first began introducing Right Brain Aerobics, I was being interviewed on a national radio show and was asked: What's next after Right Brain Aerobics? The answer "dropped in" in a deep alpha state and without any hesitation I answered: Gestalt Psychology.  Funny as I hadn't thought of that before, but it was latent in the development of deeper right brain work.

Is it possible that Gestalt Psychology is fundamentally a Past Life Psychology? Defacto?

How much are we held away from a much deeper and more meaningful understanding of who we are and our cosmic potential -- by not delving into the magic in past life psychology every day?... 

A Zip File?

This work is a "Zip File" -- if you remember that. A compressed information encyclopedia -- and the simple steps are given first. But within each -- such as the first simple: Activate Cosmic Energy Centers/Chakras. But "unzipped" it expanded into a daily "seed" practice of activations of Cosmic Chakras and Senses. And "unzipped" further into activations of Cosmic Emotions, Creativity, Abilities, and so on. And "unzipped" further into activations for solutions which each individual can create for specific problems. And "unzipped" further into gestalt psychology activations, past life psychology, and even interplanetary communication.

Each week when a class is taught, new material is received and participants contribute new levels and activations as well: The ultimate "zip file" on Cosmic Creativity & Innovation...?

PART 2: New Activations will be added to the Book of Cosmic Activations as further developed, based on and expanding our other practices! If you are taking this class, you will receive this in new books.  For example:

Our powerful seminar practice, "Star Talk" or "Interplanetary Communication -- may reach another level using: Activations -- such as Activate Cosmic Communication with (Star or planet) _______________. 
Our "Ancient & Future Lineage Paths" practice might be expanded using "Activate Cosmic Lineage Call with ____________" -- each of these describing specific desired communication or solutions.

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