Message from Oron 8-28-15

Right Brain Aerobics + Cosmic Mind Activations
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“Message from Oron: I Am You, You Are Me. Being One”

Message from cosmic inner genius morning sessions -- a Message from the Extraterrestrial Guide, Oron regarding this Time, this era -- and why the power of changing the Earth from powerful COSMIC MEDITATION JOURNEY SESSIONS is so key.


SR: Why this identity shift for me -- for us -- now. Why is it important to know a larger human - interplanetary history?

ORON: Identity = Vibrations. And likewise, Vibrations = Identity. Shifting vibrations is to shift identity. This is the purpose of deep meditation or "Cosmic Journeys" at this time. Meditation is: Vibration + Identity + Journey Movement.  To journey together both creates and allows the experience of a kind of stargate; or in the process of cosmic community creation, doorways are created.

SR: So both vibrations -- and travel together. But it is the individual's work to do the needed personal preparation, the development -- our contribution to a new cosmic occasion. We must play our part -- like an instrument in the symphony of ascension.

INCAN GUIDE: "Move the Body, Move the Mind..." (As in RB Start Up step 1. My Incan Guide and Oron often teach/work together, and after the Corey Goode interviews I understand this is common among groups like Ancient Mayans and the Blue Avians; each play a role.)

Time Filters Are Being Removed

ORON: Time filters being removed -- watch for the qualities of "Now" that center in Identity.

If the qualities of "now" change in this new cosmological territory, the qualities of your identity will change. You focus on changing "vibrations" without thinking that each time you do, this is a permanent change in "identity."  This, then, is also related to the ability to travel through -- or without -- Time.

Instead of trying to increase your focus on greater "multidimensional reality" -- activate a focus on mult-consciousness reality." You will have an easier time understanding the current shift in "Now" on Earth.

Cosmic Activations

When using the Cosmic Activations mantra, there is an integrated "CALL" to the universal "now" of all beings. This makes it conscious, for example:

Activate Cosmic Love
Activate Cosmic Love
Fill with Light and Love (and you may add... Peace, Happiness, Abundance)
Universal Love
Universal Love

The Key

Now, remember the principle KEY we provided:


(This has been given many times; an ancient gold key with these words inscribed directly on it to carried or worn)


ORON: You have asked for Miracles. This is the engine of Miracles: "I am you, you are me." 

It unlocks all akashic records. Nothing is hidden.  
Beyond Consciousness: "I am you, you are me."

Being One. Being One is distinguished from One Being.

Do you see?

Being One is an action. It is the Cosmic Driver.  Simply reverse the words of One Being, which you fight over.

Being One is a verb.

"What are you doing today?"
“I am Being One."

"I am You, You are Me" is thus revealed universally.

Use for Upsetment

ORON: Whenever you are upset with an individual, or a group, become Visionary -- See, Feel, and Know: 
"I am You, You are me." Say these words in your mind.

"They" did not come into your presence, these beings with whom you are upset, without you.

If you would be loved, be Love.
If you would be Love, love first the beings who upset you, for they are the Key to your character and your becoming.

Without them, you would not know what it is to love the divine, to be the divine, or know:

Being One is a Journey into Otherness, to find the truer self, which is always changing in its Journey into Otherness.
Thus do you create.

When you use the Key, "I am You, You are Me," and say this in your heart and mind, a miracle occurs.

In understanding this, is the Visionary Heart awakened.


ORON: We ask that you mediate in a cosmic way, as you are Being One.

Finding in each desire its universal nature. Thus, when you say the mantra or "call":

Activate Cosmic Communication
Activate Cosmic Communication
Fill with Light and Love
Universal Cosmic Communication
Universal Cosmic Communication

Activate Cosmic Love
Activate Cosmic Love
Fill with Light and Love
Universal Cosmic Love
Universal Cosmic Love

-- you are filling the desire for Cosmic Communication with other civilizations or Universal Love -- with a powerful universal desire seeking to make these activations for love of ALL beings, to connect to ALL beings, in your act of Being One.

The mantra "Universal _______________" is the call to the Flow of Being One.

You are not trying to "return" to One Being as much as you are trying to "flow" toward Being One -- bringing with you to all beings this beauty, creative lessons learned, new real-eyes or real-izations.

The Power of Mantras
Thus when you say in a mantra the words in your mind, "I am You, You are Me," you resolve all questions and solutions, you travel into infinity.

For all being is infinity.
All of infinity is alive.

New Daily Mantra

For each day say this mantra of the Cosmic Activations and you will find great change:

I am You; You are Me.

Activate Cosmic Love.
Activate Cosmic Love.
Fill with Light and Love.
Universal Love.
Universal Love.

Activate Cosmic Forgiveness.
Activate Cosmic Forgiveness.
Fill with Light and Love.
Universal Forgiveness.
Universal Forgiveness.

Activate Cosmic Gratitude.
Activate Cosmic Gratitude.
Fill with Light and Love
Universal Gratitude.
Universal Gratitude.

I am Being One.

With all of the other Cosmic Activations, and with the process of the Cosmic Self Start Up, that can open the cosmic eyes of being, rapidly, include this mantra set day.

Meditate -- or Journey into the Soul -- each day with all your heart, to join the hearts of the others in the journey of Being One.

Meditate together new realities.

I bid you greetings. Hodas du Mil.
I am You, You are Me.
In Love, Being One. 


Exercise Process:

Cosmic Self Start Up with a focus on Being One. (RBA)

Activation of 9 Cosmic Energy Centers. (Cosmic Mind Activation)

Oron’s “I Am You, You Are Me” Cosmic Activations Mantra for Universal Communication. (Cosmic Mind Activation)

S.H. Rodman
8-28-15 for class