Private Sessions with the CEO

New: "The Idea Factory" Brainstorming with the CEO!

Private Creative Brainstorming about your project, book, mission, life, problems, new launch, relationships--C-Level strategy or metaphysical wonderings--with Sandra H. Rodman, CEO of Right Brain Aerobics. See Sandra H. Rodman Bio at Right Brain Speakers Bureau.

Focused totally on you, your business, your career, your future -- getting more creative with your mission, life, relationships. Also receive "The Idea Factory" checklists and materials -- the ABC's of Right Brain Idea Generation "On the Fly."

Learn Right Brain Aerobics techniques to envision more innovative approaches to life, business, challenges -- while brainstorming new "out of the blue" ideas to accelerate success, get promoted, create ideas to increase revenue and market your business or project. Exploring deeper in personal self-discovery, reaching deeper personal/spiritual insights. 

  • Not only will we produce new creative ideas to increase business, accelerate career - problem solve or explore adventures in consciousness -- you will learn techniques to become your own guide -- to tap the reservoir of idea prospecting, new vision, inspiriation to start something new, get untuck.
  • "Right Brain-storming" with the CEO of Right Brain Aerobics, a national training/speaker/author for 90 min., focused on you and your business/team/career/relationships/questions on any topic. 
  • If you have a non-profit business, we'll focus on "right brain-storming" for new fund raising and creative joint venture ideas to increase your funding/membership opportunities.
  • Using the mind differently, learning to use sound and right brain "stretch" visualizations to come up with new viewpoints to look at old problems, using "creative speed writing/drawing" to envision differently.
  • We'll look at how you can transform what you'd like to transform and celebrate the best of your genius.
  • We can also explore deeper inner genius quests, meta-physical journeys and advanced consciousness/extradimensional consciousness studies if that's what you'd like to focus on. 
  • If you have a special topic need, we'll also arrange time for you with a specialist in that area who's also trained in Right Brain Aerobics.

LinkedIn: Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics, National Trainer, Speaker, Author and Former Fortune 500 Executive reporting at the CIO level. Bio.  

Sessions are 90 minutes; location Whidbey Island or by special arrangement at your location or other locations. Some sessions may be schedule by telephone.  Call 425-214-2926 or 360-544-8553 for special sliding-scale pricing -- special price and payment plans. Email Sandra @SHRodman on Twitter & Right BrainBlogs.