"Ascension, the Eternal Now & Reincarnation" Part 1

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"Ascension, the Eternal Now & Reincarnational Society: Non-Local Life & Self"
- Part 1. S.H. Rodman - April 13, 2015

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Are we about to enter a new time of Reincarnational Psychology 
-- the Psychology and Societies of the Non-Local Self? Of Lives of Higher Intelligence?

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What time is "Now"? The New Now -- the Ultimate Power?

Now is all the time we have. So if anyone ever asks you the time, there is only one answer: "Now."

We will always have "now."  We don't have "then" or "when I" because we can only experience these as "now."

We are the local and non-local "now." We are the "now" seeing as this life role or an after-role or ab etween-life-learning role: "Now" is always "Now." 

Whether we are experiencing it in the middle of a memory of living in another time (be it the first years of life or another life -- or amid a near-death experience.) It is still "now": Present awareness of existence.

Thus: We are in "now" at birth -- and that "now" is just the same time as "transcension" from this life -- at death. 

I like that -- Death = Transcension from Life -- to a new plane. Just a different "now."  So if death is simply a New Now -- as following our birth from a womb "now" is a New Now -- this is something we know how to handle: "NOW"! We got this. We can do "now."

This should be comforting and excite us. No matter what the situation we are just in the observer/experiencer role of "now." Thus, we might come to have a kind of greater joy interacting with "now" because we have come to see that there is less to be afraid of and much less that is unknown -- because it is all "now"!

No matter what happens to us, it will always be "now"! Yowza!

In effect, for all birth, life roles, and death, we might happily enhance our experience of learning -- by focusing on how to use "now" in more creative, powerful, and aware ways.

Awareness that there is only "now," and that it is a perpetual "always now" "now," should make us want to be experts on how to work with "now"! Is this the "ultimate power" of consciousness?

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A Right Brain "Now": A Non-Local Now? An Intuitive Now? An Entangled Now?

Likely the whole evolution of my right brain or cosmic consciousness tmaterial is to expand the awareness of the mind and identity, possibilities -- at "now."

  • To expand the ability to focus on new aspects of the "now" mind.
  • To understand that "now" as bigger than we think.
  • To understand that much more can happen creatively in a new "now" of higher awareness than we imagine.
  • To explore the creatively possibilities of multiple-time and multiple-life "now's."

We try to expand Intuition -- is this "Intuitive Now," in a sense, the "Entangled Now" over time?  If we expand intuition do we experience an awareness of a multiple-self "now"?

The Dream "Now" -- The "Near Death "Now" - The "Out-of-Body Now"

We are not unfamiliar with an altered state or non-local "now" because we experience it in sleep and in dreams. In rare occasions, we experience it in a Near Death or Out-of-Body experience.

There are more possibilities for explorations of different non-local "now" states than we think. Is one important path to both intuition and understanding the multiple-life, multiple-time Self -- working with the Dream Self?

We seem to be fine with trying to Remote View a Past Life. But we are not yet truly experimenting with Remote Viewing the activity of the Dream Self. Yet it is very accessible. And very non-local.

The Dream Self may be our most readily accessible experience of a non-local "now." Should we not become more aware of this life-of-the-self?  And its clues about non-local incarnation memories?

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We Worry Most about Future Now's: But They Never Come

It may be very important in lessening our worries about future events that may or not happen: TO UNDERSTAND THAT THAT FUTURE NEVER COMES.  

All we are going to do is experience a new "right now." We need only understand that "now" is always going to be there and thus a familiar presence will accompany every experience. The future never comes. Only "now" exists forever…

The "forever now" of us, the "present now" of us may be the most powerful point of existence. (In Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul by Jane Roberts, Seth says "The present is the point of power.") It transcends death and birth; it transcends role and age; it transcends memory and dreams. 

Wherever you are, it is always "now." And it is forever entangled with all other "now's." We need not fear "now" and simply understand that we can handle each new "now" and learn from it as well as we have experienced an infinite number of other "now's." New but still "now." A crisis is still just another "now."

In a sense "now" never disappears. However much we would like to worry about something else, it is still "now" that always captures our attention and identity.

The Creative Now - The Power of Now - The Transcendental Now

It is not about "being in the now" as if we had a choice! It's great that we're always in "now." But we are always in "now."

Even in reverie, it is still "now." The understanding of that is an amazing point of personal power! Might reaching states of non-local (cosmic) consciousness "now" be even more powerful?

Change the quality of your "now" -- and you change the quality of your "forever"!

"Now" awareness leads to a perception that creativity springs only from "now"! And it is thus, through this "now doorway," that you enter more generally what might be called:

  • The Creative Now
  • The Power of Now
  • The Transcendental Now; The Spiritual Now
  • And even: The Reincarnational or Multiple-Life Now
  • The Universal Now...? 

Instead of arguing about how different people experience a past-life "now" memory -- that we might call evidence of past-life experience, near-death experience, or out-of-body experience -- we might instead begin to explore the "now" of a "multi-dimensional Self" -- a self which can remember or holds the larger identity of many life roles. A higher Self of a different multi-dimensional Psychology.  Who knows how much more interesting and rewarding we might find life?

Don't we remember each decade of our lives as a different "self" in a way? So different might have been our identity in different decades! So what about remembering multiple lives with the same ease?

Each role in any life is only a fullness of "now's" as a different identity -- in the same way that Teenage Self is really really really not the same role as Senior Self.  Daughter Self is really not the same as Mother Self. And so on. Teenage Self had a "now" and present Self has a "now." Every life, age, and role have in common that it is still always "now." Thus might we be easily able to tune into all past roles and lives and cultures and planets and universes through "now"? 

All of our roles/lives are STILL EXPERIENCING THE SAME NOW. Nothing alive can experience anything but now. 

>>Try arguing about that. The argument is lost in the "now." "You" -- as well as the "you's" of all other people and beings -- can only experience a thing "now" and at no other time. 

>>Even if you believe you will not exist in any way after death, you will still when dead, be dead "now"! Doesn't that make you want to take a completely new look at death? Isn't death just another "now" that goes on eternally in one form or other? If you believe that death is "forever" -- that's still just another "eternal now." Oops. Still not an escape from "now." Very sticky this now; very infinite; very spiritual. Who knew that we all have an infinite destiny regardless of our beliefs?

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We have walked in so many shoes, taking each life role or age one "now" at a time.

What is different, then, about exploring a self which has taken many multiple-life roles one "now" at a time? Having lived as many races, as part of many cultures, as different sexes and sexual preferences, and ages and characters?  Each was experienced as "now." 

That is what they have in common: "Now." And what we have in common with all other beings and their "ancient and future selves" -- "now."

However: Science and Society change exponentially when any awareness of a "now" identity transcends the accepted identity of "life" and even the "speed of light" which squared impacts all energy and matter in our current E = MC2 understanding.

A society in which science and religion converge on scientific and consciousness exploration of multiple-life psychology -- is a very very very different society. And thus we do not explore this much. Because we don't want a very very very different society. We want the society we have. That's why we've created it. In every "now."

Understanding that "now" is the point of power over all time and space and existence: A society of beings with that understanding is a very very different society of beings. It appears that we are entering that time of exploration -- whether we go on this tour via deep meditation, chemical use experiments, plant use experiments, or invasive technologies -- here we go. (For reference, we like Dr. Michael Newton's Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Lives between Lives -- and one of his books I hadn't read, Memories of the Afterlife -- in which other psychologists and researchers using life-between-lives hypnosis regression process offer some of their best cases.  There is so much research on this topic and thousands of recorded stories -- that I'll give just this one, if you want to explore how other "connections" with life experiences might be impacting your present "now." 

It is the quality of the higher wisdom in the transcripts and dialogue of each session that argues well that something more powerful than usual is going on -- something beyond our ability to make up such a thing as this -- even under hypnosis, subjects would just not ordinarily and consistently report such expansive learning, compassion, and forgiveness.)

If we're experimenting already with quantum computing -- we're going to be experimenting with quantum consciousness -- is a quantum "now" the same as that we experience at present? Galactical consciousness? Cosmic consciousness? There is still no difference: "Now" is just "now." We just expand our amazing experiences of it. But will that mean that the cross-time-space non-local quantum "now" will be exactly the same?  Let's find out…

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Remote Viewing a Past Life Is Still "Now"

One of the largest shifts in your perception of "now" occurs when you try to Remote View a Past Life -- that's why we love these sessions. It doesn't matter whether we are making it up out of whole cloth or tapping the highest creative intelligence: A shift of perception about "now" occurs.  A shift of the possibilities of imagination occurs. 

To "Remote View" is simply a series of protocols -- various cultures have used intuitive "visioning" protocols since early humans -- and "remote viewing" across space or time is the name given by government/military funded experiments in intuitive viewing in the 1970's-80's at Stanford Research Institute and elsewhere -- but the practice of intuitive "visioning" is ancient.  

Everyone can do this -- because everyone has "now" as a take-off/landing pad and we only need learn how to use it in new ways to "see" what was previously not seen.

The more new things you can see -- the more new "viewpoints" you have -- then the more new things you can see. The ability is honed by using it, much as any other ability.

Because: It is still "now." All remote viewing of past lives, all age-regression and life-regression hypnotherapy, even all visions from plant or chemical experiments, are still experienced "now." Even if you have a "flash back" it is still "now"! Even if you "see" other beings, extraterrestrial or paranormal or angelic beings, their "now" is your "now."

Thus you, the explorer, has an eternal position of powerful perception and understanding: "Now." 

Now "now" can expand in its relative vista via your knowledge of its terrain, the expanse of your viewpoints, even your vibrations -- but the "now" is just the same "now" of the you at birth and the you at death -- one birth and death or many births and deaths. Still can only be experienced in "now." Because "you" don't exist anywhere else. Interesting place this "now"...

We are eternally entangled through "now" but do not study how to use this. Now is the time to study. Because "transcension" or "ascension" are essentially just a new "now" -- and the more we know about "the wings of now" the better we can handle time, space, and multiple-plane lives of "now" wherever they may take us.

Is the Soul Really the Experiencer of Eternal "Now's"?

We are in the midst of many philosophical battles over whether there is actually a soul -- but is it really not simple the Experiencer of Eternal "Now's"? Whatever life role and time or era -- whatever the identity or form -- the "now" is still the "now."  On that, we should be able to agree... :)

The University of Multi-Life "Now's": Ground Hog Day & the Flying Now

In the same way we garner great wisdom experiencing many ages and roles in one life, we garner great wisdom experiencing multi-life "now's."  If every pixel and element of the reality that we perceive holds vast information which we are just beginning to explore -- would not multi-life "now's" and roles hold even vaster information reservoirs, gifts of learning -- many times and places - spaces and universes?

If every event experienced in "Now University" is a gift of learning, is not "Now University" the greatest of all universities? Even when perfectly still, eyes closed, still we  learn about "now," the gift of this great and eternal teacher.

"Now" -- truly the gift that keeps on giving!!! 

Through "now" are linked both local and non-local consciousness. Through "now," history and future are one, for neither can exist or be known anywhere but "now" for any being.

The greatest gifts are more ways to deepen your awareness of choices and creativity in the state of "now" -- awareness that you always always always have them. You always always always have more "now's."

Kind of like Ground Hog Day the movie -- each day you awaken with new "now's" to learn more in the deeper knowledge that tomorrow will hold more, and that every "now" is inextricably linked to every other "now." Every "now" that you have ever lived or ever will live and all of the "now's" of every being in existence -- thus is all knowledge available to you in the "now" eternally.

Wow. What a concept! What a being would be the person who has "now"! Are we not amazing beings?! 

The Eternal Genius of "Now"…  

And so it goes on. And on. And on. Oops. And still on.

The comforting waves of tomorrow, once understood as "now" arriving once again and forever, should be the most comforting eternal lullaby of creativity and becoming…were we to see it from above. 

Yet "now" has neither "above" or "below" -- it has only "right here now." Even if we are flying above, we see through the eyes of that "now's" being in the same way that we see through the eyes of the on-the-ground "now"'s being when we are on the ground. Genius. It is still always "now."

Photo Credit: NASA ISS

We should not hesitate to try "Flying Now," in the same way 
we try "On-the-ground Now" every day! 

Or beyond time-space "now's" of birth and rebirth and death and re-death and transcension and transmutation! Still all "now." Amazing that we think if we transcend that there will be something besides "now." That we will be somewhere besides "now." Nope. The familiar once again! 

"Now" -- a new place is still the same old "now" for us. Nothing to fear, everything to explore. "Now" is the greatest gift of all were we to realize our amazing luck to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every "Now" Thought and Event is Alive Forever

Aye, there's the rub. As Grandmother Wise Log said in Ancient & Future Lineage Paths: The problem is not that you die. That's no problem at all. The problem is that you never die. Now there's something to worry about…"

Not really so bad after all -- these multiple lives and multiple roles in this life in which we may or may not think we did or said horrible things with our "now's" that we are surely going to have to reconcile through some kind of balancing or judgment or karmic drama in another time -- nope; still in "the university of 'now'"! It's still going to be "now" when we view and reconcile every thought and event -- all alive and all living forever. But still all are just another "now."

The concept that an "idea" which has emerged in "now" lives forever after we create and focus intently on its existence in the "now" -- is intriguing. That every "event" lives forever and every intention, every stray thought or dream. As theorized in The Nature of Personal Reality, the Seth material by Jane Roberts…that whenever you think of a beautiful flower, somewhere in some plane of existence right now, it grows…

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Every role we played and every life we've lived, likewise live forever in this same "now" that all experience -- and in some ways are changed by every thought we have "now." 

"NOW" CAN CHANGE. It is always here but "NOW" CAN CHANGE based on our viewpoints, our identity shifts and our recognition of a larger-identity multiple-life self, a growing self of greater compassion and empathy for all beings in the "now" university…

In a sense, as our awareness of "now" changes, we stand in a new place with a new role and new identity. "Now" may be forever -- but it is at the core of all creation and we can always create new "now's" as new selves, that are extraordinary and vastly different from other "now's."

"Now" University grows anew every day with the lessons it teaches. With simultaneous time and space and lives all joined in one "now" -- it is thus the university of all of us who live at any time!  We are not every separate, forever entangled in "NOW"!!! What luck!

Cambridge biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (Morphic Resonance and Science Set Free [The Science Delusion in the UK]) theorizes that all existence of matter, objects, even ideas-of-organization are "fields" or cosmic organizational processes of some kind -- called morphogenetic fields. He theorizes that we do not re-incarnate in other form "literally" but have such morphogenetic resonance with the fields of certain life experiences, that are so close to us as to be almost-us -- that this is how we sense as humans experiences of reincarnation.  Seth/Jane Roberts in The Nature of Personal Reality describe all time simultaneous and all lives simultaneous (some more than others) -- make that case, as do other materials, that all we can change the past and future in the present.

It doesn't really matter the theory -- the power of an eternal "now" becomes more and more infinite as we begin to explore its possibilities. And the power of every thought and event created in "now" -- as real in many ways as every object or situation which we created first in "now" and then in physical reality.  An old toy may break apart or disintegrate -- but the moment of its creation was in the "now" and can still be experienced that way with different perception. Ultimately it is our ability to experience "now" with new vibration and perception that will change life and society. And it is a goal of Right Brain Aerobics and Beyond Cosmic Mind courses.

Some explain theories of reincarnation as being like a book: We may read/experience/learn from each page one word at a time, one page at a time, one chapter at a time, but the book itself always exists right "now." May we change it through another "now" in which we change it -- or our identity or our place in time-space?

Nothing is impossible in "now."

Even if multiple lives didn't exist, you could always create them in your "now"! How is that??? As a writer of fiction!  

Does not every writer of fiction create characters which take on lives of their own -- and who may, as "Superman" or even "Alice in Wonderland" live forever, for eons? Do not stories and avatars created in "now" of early humans -- still exist in our discussions, books, and art today!? For us to experience in our "now"?

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Some want to find the "atom" of consciousness - the fundamental building block of consciousness" -- might that be "now"?

When we write a list of "6 Impossible Things" as in the Alice-in-Wonderland story, are we not creating "impossible things" in the "now"? Which will exist in this or other realities in some form? Forever...

Nothing is impossible. Everything is forever.

As Grandmother Wise Log said, that's what we want to think about.

And the proof? "Now." Find a time in your life when it doesn't exist. Find a time in the experience of one who has journeyed out of the body -- or had a near-death experience -- or a conscious lucid dream -- "now" always always exists in every plane and form and time. It is forever. That's what we want to think about.

The "Now" of Another Life We May or May Not Have Lived

There is really nothing different about the "now" of Junas, a life memory I have which is most pleasant, of a young woman priestess in Egypt. Or Owen, a life memory I have which is -- well, interesting, as a dashing young cavalry soldier in England.  

Or little grade-school Sandra putting on the white pinafore and blue dress of Alice in Wonderland in a play and knowing for pretty sure, once and for all, that this "wonderland" was actually home…

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Still "now." Still accessible. Still very much "me." And can I communicate with that life memory? That plane of creation? That idea of a life or role? We do it every day with past memories in this life. Our "now" holds many senses of different times. Why not different roles in other life experiences of other times -- even if they were not us?  I hold equally accessible and exciting my "now" psychic communication with Amelia Earhart or My Incan Guide or Jupiter or Saturn.  Is this still not all "now"? Might anyone of these entities communicate through my "now"? Or exist in a special way through it?

What we can come to explore is: Can we tap into the "now" of a past life/role memory? 

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When the sense of "Self" expands to higher self and multiple identities, times, experiences, is this not an expanded "now"? Might expanding our sense and vibrations in "now" be a key to transcension, ascension?

How might that work? What happens when we begin to explore whether or not we might communicate directly with a past life or past role through "now"? Do we become a new being with a new "now" when we do this?

The Empathy of the "Now's" of Time, Forever Roles

Wherever we might have lived and whatever we might have seen in "now" -- across lives or roles or moments in this life of extraordinary "now's" -- we can recognize these as different from our "right now" because of a different sense of identity, and inclusion of viewpoints and experiences. We might now empathize with some people we knew in the past -- because of a new current "now" experience which made us identify with their problem or dream. In a way we couldn't at an earlier time.

When we experience even for a few minutes, a remote viewing of a life in which we were a different race or sex or culture or religion -- a new empathy can come.

Both creative imagination and empathy can be transformed in a "now" of viewing -- being a cosmic playwright in a way -- a past life or role.

But what if the Seth material and similar material are "right" in the eternal "now" -- that these beings/roles/moments/ideas always exist?...  Might not we do more than empathize -- might we commune? Speak together? Experiment anew? 

Can we change the past and the future together, with higher and higher levels of love for beings we encounter in our imaginative "now" -- past younger roles/beings we were in this life -- guides we experience in the "now" of intuitive understanding -- and even past lives with their "now's"? 

Are they perhaps "Once & Future Lives" and might we live together in some vastly-hard-to-comprehend reality in which we -- and all our lives and roles -- constantly co-exist and change all reality together??!!!!!!!!!!

This is a surprisingly comforting thought…that we might have not only "guides" of other planes and "now's" with which to communicate, commune together…but past roles/lives of our own in a Community of the Eternal Self which is almost beyond imagination? And beyond the ability to define with the word Love… Are the eternal "now" and eternal "love" really so separate?

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Might "Past Lives" really be a "Present Higher Self" life which includes us 
and all other experiences in a "cosmic now…"?

Might we be living then as a Being Who Remembers…? Who senses connection with the "now's" of all other beings and times? All universes? All places inextricably connected in:

One Vast Network of "Now's"
Who is this Being…?

Multiple Life Experiencers… MLE's.  Is that us -- our being state regardless of which planet or galaxy or universe is our origin or destiny?

Whether MLE's or OBE's or NDE's -- there is a similarity: Different awareness of one Creative "Now," in a different kind of plane, vibration, or viewpoint. Might this also be true of us or our "soul" in our learning-lives-between-lives -- or is that Life, and these "roles" we play in different times, merely to experience "Now" in new ways?

If there is one "now" and "now" is all we have, why do we argue that we are separate? There is only one "now" -- and it is irrespective of race, gender, education -- planet or universe -- whether experiencing a life-after-life or an out-of-body journey or a near-death experience: We're all in the same "now." And it links us forever.

One "Now."

All Cultures Have Stories of Reincarnation or OBE's or NDE's… Why?

Is this a "clue" for us to expand and evolve into a vaster consciousness and higher vibration of form and creation"

S.H. Rodman, April 13, 2015


End of Part I

In Part III we will discuss "now" and the Disclosure of Extraterrestrial/UFO realities, relationships -- social media and multiple-life reality -- interdimensional social media and past lives -- and the "now of different Timeline experiencers…

"The Transcension Hypothesis." Do we not "see" other higher intelligence civilizations because after human consciousness expands beyond technology, we advance or "Transcension" to other vibrational planes or universes? Just another theory in today's viewpoints of "ascension" and even Reincarnational Psychology, extraterrestrial disclosure... What about Past Lives and Transcension? Stay Tuned.

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