Pi Li: A New Psychology of Past Lives

For our 3-10-16 Stargate Meditation Class, new material came in which can be very helpful for those planning to attend future "Pi Li's Past Life Psychology" sessions.

To begin this practice, taught by an ancient Chinese teacher, Pi Li, who emerged as a Past Life in our Stargate meditations, begin with meditating upon these questions about your own Past Lives and Higher Intelligence. To understand more about Pi Li (pronounced PIE LEE) and the meaning of this unusual name, contact me regarding future classes on Past Life Psychology. Pi (in this sense it was intended to bring to mind the ratio of the diameter to the circumference of a circle or sphere - ironic because a) it was received a few days before 3-14-16...as close as you will get to a date in modern times approximating 3.14159... And Li was explained in Wikipedia partly as "the underlying reason and order of nature as reflected in its organic forms." If you're interested in Past Life Psychology & Pi Li Classes or Sessions, contact me:

3-10-16: “Stargate Meditation:  Integrating Past Life Higher Intelligence”

This is an Advanced Practice.  Concepts in Higher Multidimensional, Multiple-incarnational Cosmic Intelligence – Waking Up to Your True Identity


Meditate Upon These Questions:


1.   Why is the liberation, the stirring, the culmination of Past Lives Memories (or even Future Lives Memories) key to the future of Earth and our Star System? Why does this matter for us, in particular, as humans on Earth? What is special about us?

2.   Said another way: Does the freeing of Past Life stories and memories begin to free you, to free whole societies? Knowing all of your roles and visions as a Whole Earth or Whole Star System Being: Are you the point of the evolution of human Star Life? Does accessing Past Life stories and memories open the doorway to Future Life memories? Could this change history & science as well?

3.   Does the amalgamation of ALL of your Past Lives = Your True Identity? How can you solve any issues without knowing Your True Identity?

4.   What is the power of The Whole Story of You?

5.   Does remembering Your True Identity increase your awareness of the True Identity of Others? Increase empathy for all others: I Am You, You Are Me, in a state of True Identity

6.   Is Higher Creative Intelligence automatically the intelligence of our Higher Memory: All Lives & Experiences…? Which can lead to a higher vision of All That Is or I Am You, You Are Me? Can this change your brain/memory cells and brainpower? Aging? A new Reincarnational Allegory of Age as Wisdom?

7.   Can you know any other person, without knowing their True Identity?

8.   Is it easier to tap and the highest Akashic creative intelligence, if we reach first the level of I Am You, You are Me with our own Past Lives?

9.   How could higher intelligence not include the freeing of creative, loving memories of Past Lives: Catch a Past Life Doing Something Right!

10.        What might be the power of writing “Reincarnational Allegories”? Both Past Lives and Future Lives?

11.        What might be the power of creating “Reincarnational Arts” – jewelry, music, theater, dance…? Could Art developed working with pairs or teams, begin to reveal True Identity in new ways? True Identity Art…? True Identity Jewelry? Might we have Stargates for The Cosmic Jewelry Maker, The Cosmic Writer, The Cosmic Playwright, The Cosmic Dancer, The Cosmic Musician…?

12.        What could be the power of “Reincarnational Science, Math, Geometry, Technology?” Have great breakthroughs been buried in both past and future civilizations which are accessible to “Reincarnational Intelligence”? Is this a creative breakthrough from which ALL civilizations and planets could benefit?


Changing the Global Dialogue


1.   When you change global dialogue to interplanetary, you change all global dialogue.

2.   When you change global dialogue to interdimensional, you change all the people.

3.   Can the global dialogue be changed by the freeing of Past Life stories and intelligence?

4.   Can the interplanetary and interdimensional dialogue also be changed by freeing Past Life stories of Earth civilizations?

5.   Can all History be changed through the freeing of Past Life stories and the emergence of Higher Creative Multidimensional, Multiple-incarnational Compassionate, Loving Intelligence?

6.    Will all history, politics and society be changed fundamentally in the context of the emergence of Higher Creative Multidmensional, Multiple-incarnational Intelligence? (Note: Got a prompt about “multiple ring” as equivalent to “multiple-incarnational.” Is each life a “Ring” like a year for a Tree?)