Message from Oron 9-2-15

Right Brain Aerobics + Cosmic Mind Activations
© S.H. Rodman, 9-2-15 –

“Message from Oron: How to Communicate with Other Beings. How to Apply 'I Am You, You Are Me," to  Healing. The Golden Rule.

Message from cosmic inner genius morning sessions. Example of using Right Brain "Inner Genius" or "Inner Yoda" messaging exercise.

SR: How do we apply all of this?

ORON:  The key (see previous Message from Oron, 8-28-15), "I Am You, You Are Me," "Being One" -- can be applied to tough communication and healing circumstances.

At each encounter or contact or intersection with another human being or Other being from any star system, repeat in your mind subliminally in this engagement or entangled event or in preparation for this communication:


This makes the "cosmic connection" so that you will not view the being as the Other. You can thus communicate with any being as a higher more compassionate soul with a long view.

You do not know who this being is to you, or how you may have been connected in the past or may be in the future.

But in our entanglements, I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME is always true, and it is important to come to terms with that reality and with that identity.

Whomever you meet, think: I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME.

This applies to every "thing" as every "thing" is alive and conscious -- and you are entangled.

The Golden Rule applies to entanglement.

[Think about this from a quantum physics point of view.]

The Golden Rule -- is what to do, since you are entangled with every other being.

The WHY of "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You" is:

It is the "Because."
The Bottom Line.

You are very focused on The Bottom Line.

That's the Bottom Line.

I Am You, You Are Me. Do unto others a you would have them do unto you.

Imagine walking in their shoes, seeing through their eyes. For I Am You, You Are Me.

SR:  (Seeing an image of lines between stars) I'm seeing an image that appears to pertain to this. "The Star Line." What does that mean?

ORON: The Star Lines.

They are like lei lines in space. Light Lines.

SR: Reminds me of Life Lines...

ORON:  In a way.

They are relevant to the rainbow DNA Light Lines between Stars. 
(The "Activation of Rainbow DNA" is part of the Cosmic Activations class exercise material.)

It is based on the entanglement of  super-rainbow Light Lines.

In the same way that each cell is conscious and entangled with your Soul, your Soul and your body are entangled with the Sun Star soul and in matter, light lines, DNA, form and spirit energy (Ka).

Your ability to "think" is directly connected to and spun from your Star's higher ability to "think."

Both you and your Star are thinking at higher and higher levels of vibration all the time.

Never think that this is not in parallel. The Action of Being One as we discussed previously. (See Oron 8-28-15)

SR: We think in parallel... With our Star?

ORON:  Now "plug in" :) this concept:

You and your Star are reaching high levels of the action of Being One, all the time.

"I Am You, You Are Me" will help you understand concepts such as love your enemies... For I Am You, You Are Me.
[The quote at Luke 6:28: "... love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either." At Mark 12:31: "... love your neighbor as yourself."]
If another being is in need, then so are you in need. When you give to another being, you are giving to yourself, in generosity, what is needed... what is needed to understand who you are, that you are Being One with all other beings.  


SR: And I understand that we are to use this in healing.

ORON: To live healing [verb], to live as a healer is a action of Being One.

Recognition from you that "I Am You, You Are Me." 

A completion of the circuit.

The circuit of Being One.



SR:  We worry about the economics -- and the ecology. About healing the horrors...

ORON: We have all co-created the economics and the ecology in some sense, the horrors of this or any other time, for I Am You and You Are Me. And so there is no other creator of it.

None can say, well, I didn't create this; I want this off my back; it is too much; make it go away; it is to unpleasant. 

As we are all that Other, who we think created these, as well as we are ourselves -- we who do not like what was created; we can no longer think, well, I will walk away.

We are inside of an amazing time of transformation.

And when the full realization (real-eyes-zation) comes that I Am You and You Are Me, no matter how horrible that circumstance or that Other may seem right now, the truth persists, that I Am You, You Are Me. We are Being One...

And so you might say instead, I will love me; I will love the Other; until -- with this vision of "I Am You, You Are Me" -- we see a path in which we work at a higher level to love, to be love, for the Other. 

We see through all eyes, we "real-eyes" -- until all are loved.

When you real-eyes that I Am You, You Are Me, you real-eyes that there is no injustice outside of you (for I Am You, You Are Me). Therefore there is no external solution outside of you; that saving solution, that forgiveness of the Other and the Self, is inside you. It is you.

And then this must inform your daily actions.

If you can help one Other being, at the same time you help yourself magnificently, as I Am You, You Are Me...

If you can see through the eyes of I Am You, You Are Me, if you can create that model -- and love that "Other" -- then you can create the model for transformation, resurrection, and regeneration; that model of loving all Life in peace, empathy, and compassion.

The end of separate horrors and the beginning of seeing in peace -- the healing of that which you would heal, the helping of those whom you would help -- is through seeing the Other in you; seeing you in the Other. 

Thus are you healed.

I Am You, You Are Me.
We are loved. We are Being One.

Hodas du Mil.



S.H. Rodman