Right Brain Speakers Bureau

Introducing a new Right Brain Speakers Bureau from Right Brain Aerobics

We have been having standing-room-only wait-listed talks at regional events. And speaking engagements at national associations which have had some amazing effects. 
"I wanted to let you know how relevant and applicable the 'right brain' training we received during the ITSMF conference in Orlando has been.  I am responsible for facilitating the weekly superintendent cabinet meeting and implemented the 'right brain' exercise as part of our regular agenda.  I must say the exercise allows the team to focus more and think out of the box to work toward creative solutions for some of the many issues we face on a day to day basis." CIO, Public School System.  Extensive Testimonials...
You can schedule Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain Aerobics and/or Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C. The Chiropractic Zone, Transformational Dialogues, Change Your Mind Radio-- details below -- and change the energy and outcome of your event -- more than speaking, we introduce a couple of basic Right Brain Aerobics creative mental techniques in every speaking engagement. Energize, get creative, spark new ideas using the mind in a whole new way! Bring a right brain, creativity & innovation "spark" to:
  • Business events, meetings, town halls, off site events, product launches, team start ups, to "right brain-storm" whole new approaches and learn to generate innovative ideas "on the fly" with new mental techniques introduced
  • Association & Community Meetings Conferences, Conventions, Executive Meetings
  • Executive Meetings, Cabinet Meetings, Board Meetings
  • Libraries, Community Centers, Special Public Events
  • Training Events -- "Start up" and "spark" other Training Events and launches--get attendees into a "right brain" creative-innovative-intuitive state of mind to maximize the impact of your training program
  • Introduce topics such as Right Brain Problem Solving -- Right Brain Aerobics for Innovation & Creativity -- Right Brain Thinking -- Right Brain Innovation in one session can energize and spark the creativity of your group and event. Or tailored for your group: Right Brain Innovation for IT -- or Right Brain Aerobics for Healing -- or Right Brain Aerobics for Parenting -- Right Brain Aerobics for Educators.
  • Create topics specifically for your organization/department such as: "Driving HR Innovation" or "Right Brain Parenting" or "Right Brain Marketing."

Sandra H. Rodman is a national speaker, trainer, author, creator of Right Brain Aerobics training for innovation and creativity -- for business and personal development. She was formerly VP, Merrill Lynch and Sr. Director, AT&T Wireless reporting to the CIO. She has presented Right Brain Aerobics for executives/managers of companies such as Microsoft, CNN/Turner, GP Strategies, Information Technology Senior Management Forum (featured speaker), Association for Internal Management Consultants (featured speaker), CSX, HP, Merrill Lynch, Stevenson University cabinet members, Pittsburgh Public Schools cabinet members, community centers and more. Former non-profit Director and Program Development head at Phoenix House Foundation, non-profit consultant and Chair of the Programs & Planning Task Force for Therapeutic Communities of America.

With decades in business and communications / technology / training innovations, in creative & theater arts, intuitive-meditative arts, certified in sound healing under the auspices of the Sound Healing Foundation/Acoustic Brain Research and a Strategic Learning Systems Trainer; theater arts & psychology studies, University of Texas at Austin.  Formerly Board of Directors Potters Field Theater Company, NYC, Transition Whidbey Board of Directors; current Board member, The Mirror Theater. "Out of the box thinking? The lady has no box."  John Helm, J. Helm Associates, Formerly Chief Technology Architect, Merrill Lynch and Physics Faculty, Columbia University.  More Testimonials

Contact/media/rates information: Email Sandra Rodman: sandra@rightbrainaerobics.com - 425-214-2926 - 360-544-8553. More at Right Brain Aerobics - - RBA-at-a-Glance-Brochure/Testimonials -  Bio - LinkedIn - @SHRodman Twitter - Right Brain Blogs - Right Brain Counseling BlogsGoogle+ - Pinterest.

Media appearances or articles include for The Dr. Pat Show, New Connexion TV, Contact Talk Radio, I'm Thankful Radio Network, Everett Herald, Redmond Reporter, South Whidbey Record and more...

Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C., Creator Transformational Dialogues, The Chiropractic Zone, and host of Change Your Mind Radio, Right Brain Aerobics Trainer

Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C. has been immersed in the healing arts for over twenty five years. His journey has taken him through a professional labyrinth of health care professional paradigms and has been a practicing chiropractic physician for the past two decades. His passion as an educator, teacher and workshop leader has woven him into the worlds of private practice, consulting on corporate wellness training, and producer of mind-body events and conferences throughout California and Washington. He is an internationally known lecturer, author, and radio guest host, a certified Right Brain Aerobics Trainer. His explorations and studies in the fields of brain Neuroplasticity and life-changing mind focusing practices have made him a sought after speaker and educator. He is the creator of the Transformational Dialogues, a four year ongoing series of life changing presentations with world change-agents that have received accolades from both guest presenters and audience participants. He is a certified Right Brain Aerobics Trainer and conducted Right Brain Aerobics at Bastyr Universty in 2012. He works closely with the developer of Right Brain Aerobics, Sandra Rodman to further develop the RBA Coaching and Train the Trainer certifications. 
Dr. Craig Weiner is a frequent regional speaker in the Seattle region, with standing-room-only talks at Libraries and Community Centers -- see the Everett Herald Press Article.

Contact/Media/Rates Information: 360-661-6877 - Email.
More at Dr. Craig Weiner's Right Brain Aerobics page and video. Chiropractic Zone Web Site & Videos/audios of Transformational Dialogues. Facebook. Google+. Twitter. Langley, WA, Seattle Region. Host of Transformational Dialogues: Change Your Mind Radio on the EFT Online Radio Network.

Dr. Craig Weiner's frequent media appearances are profiled at in the Media and see the new article feature in the Everett Herald.


Use the above contact information or call Right Brain Aerobics - 425-214-2926 anytime to schedule a regional or national speaking engagement.