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"12 Points: Why Cosmic Disclosure of Secret Space/Interplanetary Programs May Affect Your Everyday Life" -- Why expanding cosmic intelligence and compassion may be more necessary than every before...

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If there are, as many are coming forward now to describe, interplanetary space and commerce programs, breakaway civilizations, gradually beginning to be revealed -- many of these may even be funded, without awareness, by all of us as part of existing social and governmental programs -- might we begin to look into this with an open mind? Learn all that we can as opposed to as little as we can? Or dismiss as too "far out"? Most of the discoveries of early explorers of new lands and new science were also "too far out" yet are part of our modern daily lives.

Might this "cosmic disclosure" about unknown but funded interplanetary space programs/commerce/science already be impacting everyday life? 

Whatever the programs - technical, scientific, ecological, biological, genetic, interplanetary travel, health, social, interplanetary internets and bases -- it appears highly likely that we're in part funding these activities. Should we know more? Might "Cosmic Disclosure" affect our everyday lives in almost unimaginable ways?

1. If we're paying for it, should we not explore what is being said with an open mind? Is this a case where "listening" might be the better part of valor -- in case even one of the projects being described has any basis in reality?

2. Isn't this critical, in fact -- if the science, technology, medicine, social and commerce experiments could help us learn on Earth, how to do better? How to reverse seemingly irreversible planet-wide effects that we're researching -- to find out if they are, indeed, being brought on by our own industrialization, science, technology which we barely begin to understand?

3. If there are confidential programs that will vastly tax even the vastest human imagination to understand -- will we be able to forgive the secrecy and the problems caused by their not having been shared with us? Will this mean that we must be more forgiving and compassionate than ever before? Don't we need to know about this every day? Shouldn't it be a prime study? If all science and technology will need to be "thrown out," if we have to recalibrate everything -- shouldn't we be studying why this is being said, by whom, and what it means for daily life?

4. Will knowledge of these programs, integrated into our society, mean a transformation of human history and identity, a throwing out not just of our outdated science, technology -- but our philosophy, our history, our religions, our spiritual and consciousness programs -- and especially: Completely rethinking our identity and our origins? When the Internet emerged, over a couple of decades everything, every part of life, had to be reimagined in its context. Would this not be even vaster?

5. If this has already happened, do we not have some responsibility -- even as a single individual -- to find out more about the details? Be discerning? Listen? Is it time already to adjust now to thinking differently, investigating differently, rethinking everything? What would it mean if we had to rethink all of science and technology, all theories of the future, economics, and extraterrestrial civilizations, as is being suggested? Shouldn't we be thinking about how such events would play out? Would these impact our daily lives not in small ways but in completely transforming ways?

6. If acting as Earth Stewards is a "given" for human societies on Earth -- and other humanoid civilizations which some of the funded-but-secret space programs are described to be contracting with, could help us in our ecological and climate, social, agricultural issues, shouldn't we find out what's happening? Shouldn't we open minds rather than close minds to learning more about whether this is a real possibility? Even if it completely challenges our current concepts of human identity and the potential of human society? If other societies have tried the mechanistic technology-focused paths we're following and found enormous problems for human reproduction, health, and society, shouldn't we want to know what they've learned?

7. Do those on Earth who have had experiences of the paranormal, the extradimensional, the extraterrestrial, the metaphysical -- which corroborate information about civilizations, projects, abilities, being brought forward -- how can we make it safe for them to be told? How can we begin to "connect the dots"? Do we have a responsibility to tell these stories so that new information can be better evaluated, our own experiences understood in new contexts, new realities? Is what we've experienced more real than we know? What would dialogue be like, with societies for whom this is part of every day life? And society?

8. Is understanding that previously unknown interplanetary space programs are a part of our everyday reality already -- but without our  awareness -- should we not expand both human consciousness awareness and research, the serious study and practice of natural higher consciousness states? If we can we expand telepathic and empathic ability without any harmful drugs or technology, is it time to explore this kind of personal transformation?

9. Are non-judgment and compassion, forgiveness and interplanetary innovation going to be required at almost unimaginable levels -- if we are to learn, watch, listen to information which is so far outside of our usual comprehension and societal protocols that it is mind-bending at new levels? Heart-stopping levels? What is the nature and impact of global societal knowledge contradicting what we think we know -- transformation of society -- on every day life? Will it be even more important to expand our hearts than our minds?

10. Will understanding how to expand human consciousness and compassion, telepathic and empathetic abilities capable of extraterrestrial and extradimensional, interplanetary and intergalactic, spiritual and metaphysical communication, the identities and roles of men and women -- be the most important explorations and new skills of our times?

11. If this reality becomes part of mainstream discussions every day, what will be the impact on each economy, global economy, jobs, global technology, banking, government, treaties, health options, religion, religious institutions, politics, child care, education, entertainment, the arts, interplanetary love and family interaction, reproduction - and all aspects of commerce, marketing, travel, and the production of food?

12. Can we just begin to read, learn, question, think -- explore our own cosmic consciousness -- before we ignore those coming forward with incredible descriptions of the most unusual space/planetary civilization experiences every reported by human beings -- which are heartfelt but so difficult to imagine, so incomprehensible that we want to shut them out or ignore them -- but they have such potential to impact daily life?

Are these not the most relevant new facts about the future of life on planet Earth, if even one report of interplanetary programs is true, which might impact all future society, business, and family life? 

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