3 Ways to Change Your Mood Today!

Thurs. 2/13/14

"3 Ways to Change Your Mood Today to Bountiful Creativity" -- S.H. Rodman

This material was written using the Right Brain Aerobics' technique "Inner Genius Q&A" -- an allegory from "My Incan Guide." Material related to the new class and training: "Prosperity, Magic, & Higher Intelligence." 3 practical, all natural, mind-stretching, creativity sparking exercises to use anytime, anywhere.  No kidding.

From My Incan Guide:

1. Look up.  Go outdoors. Look at the Sky.  Feel your participation in "vastness."

Imagine yourself a vast being in air and space -- stretch your imagination.  Close your eyes, feel air and space moving -- you're in the Cosmos...

You may do anything as a vaster being. Imagine what you would like to do, if you were this vast being and held higher self-knowledge.When you imagine this, it acts as an "engine" of "bountiful creativity."

2. Give Happiness.

Give a great, loving, and unexpected surprise to someone today.  Perhaps reach out to someone who will not expect your call or visit.  Express your love and appreciation.

No matter what the circumstances, if you are a "vast being" you always have vast love, surprises, forgiveness, and affirmation to give.

No matter what the circumstances, when you do this, you become happier and move into a state of greater, bountiful creativity.

3. Laugh Yourself Happy & Draw Yourself Happy.

There is no way around it. You cannot "Laugh Yourself Happy" & "Draw Yourself Happy" and not enter a state of bountiful creativity!  These two acts are highly potent.

a) Laugh Yourself Happy with: The Aha! Laugh:  Raise your hand and finger as if you have discovered a magnificent new idea!
Exclaim "Aha!" and follow it with "Ha ha ha ha ha!" laughing away...! Do this 3 times.

Aha! Ha ha ha ha ha! -- laughing away!
Aha! Ha ha ha ha ha! -- laughing away!
Aha! Ha ha ha ha ha -- laughing away!

Children "Laugh Themselves Happy"
No Matter What They're Doing!
 You do not have to have an "Aha!" Idea to say "Aha!"  Say "Aha!" first!  The "Aha!" Idea is sure to follow! 

b) Draw yourself Happy -- with pen and paper:  Use bright colors. Decorate your creative drawing in all imaginative ways.

The combination of Laughing & Drawing the Happy "Aha!" Self will magnetize bountiful creativity wherever it might be lurking!  These actions "call it out"!

These 3 Exercises always work. But together they work even more splendidly!

S.H. Rodman - From My Incan Guide.